Our Vision

Before the internet era, we were skilled at organising ourselves, building relations and carrying on complex social activities. Today this skill is on a decline because of our current method of superficial interaction via social media. This results in fewer meaningful relations between people. Our aim is to become a disruptive social network that enables all of us to build meaningful relations through activities.

The Team

Our team believes that all of us feel better by being active and by building our identity on being an active person, including taking initiative to activate other people. We consist of people with diverse backgrounds and experience. Coming from several countries and being of various ages, we have found that we have one certain thing in common: the belief in having an active life to become satisfied.

I would like to invite you to something that I feel will change your life for the better. After years of preparation, Utfora is a dream come true. Join Utfora today and we can reap the benefits together!​

— Founder, Mats Eriksson —

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What People say

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Utfora enables me to have a more active life. When I’m in my hometown I get updates from the people and the organizations I follow, and when I’m travelling I browse the local activities in the current location.
Even the least victory-hungry among us can find ourselves being pushed by running with others. We are so happy to finally be able to have a platform where we can share our activities.
Uppsala Runs
I'm so extited to start using this application! I have been looking for a while for an application that is purely for finding events and activities without all the other fuzz in it. Utfora here I come.

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